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Barium block in potassium inward rectifier Kir 2.1

Summer research for first year EngSci (2002)

Advised by Drs. Peter Backx and Roman Pekhletski.

After my first year of undergraduate, I worked as a summer researcher in Dr. Peter Backx's cardiac electrophysiology lab, studying the kinetics of Kir2.1 barium blockage with Dr. Roman Pekhletski. My project involved expressing Kir2.1 mRNA in Xenopus laevis oocytes, performing two-electrode voltage clamp, and data analysis. I also had the opportunity to look after the frogs and conduct surgeries.

The goal of this work was to compare the kinetics of barium binding in a mutant Kir2.1 ion channel to wild type data previously collected by Roman, as part of an ongoing study on binding site energetics in the selectivity filter. Here are the slides from my presentation of this work at the EngSci summer research day, summarizing my work:

Contributions from: Peter Backx, Roman Pekhletski, Chad Elias, Bruce Tassios, Nazz D'Avanzo, Raphael

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