Research Articles

Stanley, D.A., Talathi, S.S., Parekh, M.B., Cordiner, D., Zhou, J., Mareci, T.H., Ditto, W.L., Carney, P.R. (2013) Local phase shift in the 24-hour rhythm of hippocampal EEG spiking activity in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy. Journal of Neurophysiology.

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Stanley, D.A., Alizadeh, H., Helmy, A., Kherani, N.P., Qian, L., Zukotynski, S. (2010) SEM-mapped micro-photoluminescence studies of highly luminescent micro- clusters in erbium-doped silicon-rich silicon oxide. Journal of Luminescence 131:72–77.

Min, R., Stanley, D.A., Yuan, Z., Bonner, A., Zhang, Z. (2009) A deep non-linear feature mapping for large margin kNN classification. Ninth IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. pp. 357–366. Acceptance rate: 70/786. Regular paper and oral presentation.

Conference Abstracts

Stanley, D.A., Carney, P.R., Talathi, S.S., Ditto, W.L. (2012) Modulation of sharp waves by acetylcholine, calcium, GABA, and melatonin in a hippocampal network model. Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

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Stanley, D.A., Carney, P.R., Parekh, M.B., Mareci, T.H., Talathi, S.S., Ditto, W.L. (2011) Phase shift in hippocampal circadian rhythm during latent period in epileptic rats, Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, (BMC Neuroscience 2011, 12(Suppl 1):P76).

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